Karine and Jérémie's Perfect Day (AKA JC's last wedding)

These two couldn't have asked for a better wedding day. I had an absolute blast shooting their special day and they, along with their family, made me feel like I was part of the group...which surely makes my job that much easier and enjoyable. 

That being said, I'm taking this opportunity to make an announcement. I have decided to stop photographing wedding indefinitely, and focus more of my time on my family, notably my little Jacob. You may have noticed that I had removed the wedding and portrait sections from my website some time ago as foreshadowing, but also notice that my personal stuff, event and concert stuff, as well as my architectural stuff remains on the site, and will remain as my photographic focus (no pun). 

I truly enjoyed photographing weddings and everything that came along with it: sharing time with wonderful couples and their families, sharing their once-in-a-lifetime day with them, all while being able to create artistic renditions of what I saw come alive.  I may come back to wedding photography in the future...maybe when little Jacob gets handy with a camera. 

Anyways, I've started this post talking about Karine and Jérémie... so here are a few of my favorites from their special day.

Karine and Jérémie

Cold and snow can also be a good thing, you know. This lovely couple had a blast playing around in the snow on this cold February morning.

Isabelle and Frank's Engagement Shoot - Sneak Peek

This couple wanted a fall colours themed engagement shoot and they certainly picked the perfect day for it. Today was hot and sunny and probably the best weather we've seen in a while. 

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Steph and Frank's Wedding in Embrun, ON

Who says it needs to be 100% sunny on your wedding day? Steph and Frank had a mostly rainy day, but the sun decided to pop its head out right in time for the outdoor ceremony. 

Steph and Frank's Wedding Day Sneak Peek

Sure, yesterday was a rainy wedding day for Steph and Frank, but they were able to cover all the wedding picture bases from Marry Poppins to NSYNC, and then some.

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Chantal and Dan's Carnival/Circus/Freak Show-Themed Wedding Day

Pay attention to the details. That's what Chantal and Dan's guests did throughout this gorgeous day under the sun...and I'm sure some got missed. Everything was thought of, and this photographer left impressed...and tired ;)

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New Edinburgh Infill

I recently got the opportunity to photograph a semi-detached in New Edinburgh to which an addition was made. This is the type of infill is part of what keeps urban planning an interesting field. 

Chantal and Dan's Wedding Day - Sneak Peek

I'm telling you right now: you've never seen a wedding quite like the one that Chantal and Dan put together yesterday. The Circus/Midway theme was so well executed and every little detail was perfectly thought of. 

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Stacy and Luke's Wedding at Strathmere

When combining such a perfect day with a venue in full bloom and a gorgeous couple, it's hard for me to take credit for some good looking pictures. I'm still gonna, though.

This here is the rest of the images you first saw in the sneek peak post a few weeks back (http://alrighthearthis.com/blog/2014/7/27/stacy-and-lukes-wedding-sneak-peek).

Stacy and Luke's Wedding - Sneak Peek

There was some rain yesterday, but only when we didn't to be outdoors. Other than that, the weather held up for the outdoor ceremony and all of the outdoor pictures. It was a gorgeous day for all we know!

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Steph and Frank's Eshoot - Sneak Peek

Yep, just a sneak peek...just enough to keep you interested and wanting more. I promise I'll have more soon, but tonight all you get is two images from an engagement shoot I just got home from with Steph and Frank. 

The weather was perfect and the tourist weren't always in the way. 

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Nikon D810 - Test Shot

It doesn't happen often that I get my hands on a camera so close to launch, so I figured I'd show off the image quality of the new Nikon D810, released on July 17, 2014. 

I'm clearly not demonstrating anything about it's low light capabilities (which are amazing), I just felt like taking a shot and sharing the 36 megapixel file for anyone to inspect. 

Although this was shot with a 24-70, it leads me to ask: with a D810 and a macro lens, who needs a microscope?