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Along with a new website comes new clients, which also manifests the desire to please said clients. This of course includes all clients, new, existing and future. Alright Hear This has decided to start offering, in the near future, access to special deals and promotions only available to a select group of clients and fans through this site. 

"But how do I get in on these awesome sounding deals?"

I'm sure you know where I'm going with this, but still I'll keep going...even though this cheesiness is killing me inside a little bit.  To the right of your screen you should see a form you can fill out. By filling out that form you're letting me know that you're ok with me sending you emails. Don't worry, they won't be creepy or anything...I hope, they'll just be filled with information regarding what I'll have been up to, photography tips and tricks, and also some information on upcoming deals and promotions as they come along. I'm also opened to suggestions regarding content as I go along. 

So go ahead and sign up. I'll be with you shortly.