Trois-Rivière Metalfest 2013

I bought my tickets to Metalfest maybe two months ago with the intention of seeing the greatest hardcore band out there, for the 10+ time. Along with them I was to be treated to a festival full of great metal bands such as Insurrection, and I would also get to see one of death metal's pioneer bands Obituary. 

A few days prior to the show I received an email from the organizers asking if I cared to have a media pass that I could use to get my camera gear through the door, as well as getting access to the front of the pit area. 


So there I was, first time shooting a big event like that, in an industrial building filled with metal heads that lived and breathed metal...and I had my camera with me. I was home. 

Below you'll find shots from bands of the like of Insurrection, Battlecross, Shadows Fall, The Acacia Strain, Obituary and Hatebreed. The event lasted two days, and I was only there for part of the final day.