Honeymoon in Alaska - Day 1

That's the way it's gonna be folks, one day at a time. I wouldn't be much of a photographer if I didn't share any of the photographs I made during my trip to Alaska, and I can't really figure out a better way to concisely publish and share the pictures I enjoy the most without going about it systematically as I will do it day by day. 

Also, please note that I'm not a seasoned travel photographer. Which is why you'll soon see an article à la "10 things I Learned During my Trip to Alaska". So stay tuned for that.

My wife and I got married on August 3rd, and on August 9th we left for an Alaskan cruise, hopping on board the Radiance of the Seas (Royal Caribbean) in Vancouver. A first for both of us, I was left in awe of all the things I could photograph. The ship headed north to culminate in Seward Alaska, stopping in between in Ketchikan, in Juneau, in Icy Point Strait, in Skagway, at the Hubbard Glacier and finally in Seward. By way of land travels via motorcoach and train, we then made our way through Anchorage to Talkeetna, to the Denali National Park and Preserve, and finally in Fairbanks, our final distination hosting our flight back home. 

For this set of pictures, you won't notice many sweeping landscape since we're not really "there" yet. I took many landscape shots after leaving Vancouver, which were impressive to me then, but, in hindsight, were nothing compared to what I was going to see during the following 9 days.


Isabelle (my brand new wife) and I waiting for our flight at 6am at Ottawa International Airport. 


Isabelle entertaining herself by watching airplanes coming and going without stopping by to pick us up.


The view from up there. Flying between two layers of puffy white clouds right in time for sunrise.


Stepping onto the ship in Vancouver, we look down to see some of the food that would eventually make it to our tastebuds...then further. Food? Yes there was some food on the ship.


The view from our stateroom balcony on the ship. Sunset underway.


Again, sunset underway as seen from my balcony, but this time as a 10 exposure panoramic shot. Pro tip: right click on the image and select "open in new tab" or new page or something to that effect to get the full view.