Honeymoon in Alaska - Day 5

If you're just joining us, you've came in on day 5 of pictures from my Alaskan honeymoon at the beginning of the month of August. I suggest and go back to catch up. You can find four earlier posts with more pictures starting in Vancouver here on the blog or on my Facebook fan page (I suggest you go there and click the like button at the top of the page to make sure you don't miss any more).

So here we are on the 5th day of our trip. We awoke in Juneau (well...in our bed, in our room, on the ship, which was in Juneau), the capital city of the State of Alaska. By day five I think you'll agree that the scenery is getting quite breathtaking. After a little bit a touristy souvenir shopping in the local shops we went to a salmon bake where Isabelle had some (apparently) awesome salmon, cooked on a open flame. I had the chicken, which was pretty damn awesome too. 

After the salmon bake we hitched a ride on a bus (aka we paid for a ticket and climbed aboard) which took us over to the Mendenhall glacier. While we didn't have the chance to actually walk on the glacier (apparently many hours of hiking and a high degree of skill and planning is required to get up there), we did have the opportunity to reach some terrific vantage point. We were also able to spot a black bear on our way there. 

As with my last post I'm still having problems with Squarespace, my webpage hosting service, and therefore I have to upload the pictures to my Facebook fan page. So go and take a look and make sure you leave me some comments. 

The picture below might be better seen by right clicking on it and viewing on a separate page given that it's a multiple portrait-oriented frame panoramic photograph.