Honeymoon in Alaska - Day 6

Here we are on day 6 of my Alaskan honeymoon in Alaska. Go back and visit the previous posts if ever you missed any of the first five days. 

Day 6 met us in Skagway, a small town of 200 permanent residents. During the winter that number drops down to 100 and the summer sees upwards of 800 residents, most of which are there to profit from the tourism industry. On busy days where four to five ships are found at the docks, this small town gets an influx of over 10,000 visitors. Goddam tourists.

Here's what we did on day six, other than walking around, visiting the town. We hopped on a van that took us up a winding road, across US customs lines, up 3,292 feet above sea level (Skagway being at sea level). At the top we took a look at British Columbia, which was just beyond the way, before with barrelled down the hill on mountain bikes whilst admiring the morning-misted Alaskan mountainous scenery. We stopped here and there to get shots, the the trip was all too short by the time we got back to flat land.

Back on the ship we opted to get treated to a five-course meal, prepared by the ship's chef, where each course would be paired with a specially selected wine by the ship's somelier. This chef, whom I forget his name, has apparently previously worked for Chef Gordon Ramsay of TV fame, while the somelier, whom I also forget his name, was, in a previous life, a buttler for many famous people such as George W. Bush, Cindy Crawford, Jacques Chirac, Steven Seagal, and many more. Not that this made the meal any more delicious, I just found it pretty interesting. The meal consited of five courses, being a lobster tail salad, a trio of soups, a duck spring roll, a lamb cutlet, a green apple torte and, to cap it all off, a series of bite-sized deserts that I was too stuffed to enjoy. The meal lasted 3.5 hours, at the end of which I had to be rolled out to my room for the night.

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