Karine and Jérémie's Perfect Day (AKA JC's last wedding)

These two couldn't have asked for a better wedding day. I had an absolute blast shooting their special day and they, along with their family, made me feel like I was part of the group...which surely makes my job that much easier and enjoyable. 

That being said, I'm taking this opportunity to make an announcement. I have decided to stop photographing wedding indefinitely, and focus more of my time on my family, notably my little Jacob. You may have noticed that I had removed the wedding and portrait sections from my website some time ago as foreshadowing, but also notice that my personal stuff, event and concert stuff, as well as my architectural stuff remains on the site, and will remain as my photographic focus (no pun). 

I truly enjoyed photographing weddings and everything that came along with it: sharing time with wonderful couples and their families, sharing their once-in-a-lifetime day with them, all while being able to create artistic renditions of what I saw come alive.  I may come back to wedding photography in the future...maybe when little Jacob gets handy with a camera. 

Anyways, I've started this post talking about Karine and Jérémie... so here are a few of my favorites from their special day.