Remember that lady I was shooting, the lady with the belly, the pregnant lady that was my wife, my wife that was pregnant with a little girl?

Well we had a boy. Hurrah for Jacob!

Although Jacob has already been snapped at a few times by our house's resident photographer, today was his first formal photoshoot. 

It was a single light setup, a Nikon SB-910 on a small umbrella, in front of a white paper background. 

Cumberland Museum - Doors Open Ottawa 2014

On June 7 and 8, 2014 the City of Ottawa is opening it's doors to all so that we can visit some places that we normally don't get access to, and some that we can go whenever we want. It's called the Doors Open Ottawa event. 

Isabelle and I decided to go to the Cumberland Museum where we were treated to a tour of the museum's architecture. Very interesting stuff. 

The event runs all weekend and there is tons more stuff to see. 

Forsaken Motorsports - Product Session

Philippe Laflèche from Forsaken Motorsports approached me a little while ago wanting some photographs of a new product he wanted to launch. I got him into my studio space (i.e. garage) and this is what he had to show me.

What you have there are aftermarket pieces for Ducati Motorcycles; a Ducati Waterpump Cover and a Ducati Clutch Cover. Just don't ask me which one is which...

Louise and Lorn's Engagement Session

Louise and Lorn had a spot in mind for a photoshoot, and it turned out to be just perfect for the two of them on this beautiful day. 

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39 Weeks

Well, judging by my last post, it looks like I haven't been posting in a while. Summer weddings will surely change that. However, it's not quite time for that yet. 

First, my baby girl. 

She's not out yet, but by the looks of my 39-week pregnant wife Isabelle, she's just around the corner. 

32 Going on 33 - Isabelle's Pregnancy Session

My lovely wife Isabelle is 32 weeks pregnant. Our little girl is not yet ready to come out, but she looks like she's taking up quite a bit of room in there. 

It was a Saturday afternoon and I decided to take out the backdrop and photograph these two beauties in their splendor. 

Daytrip to the Playa

On the way to Playa Del Carmen, right after you have spent an hour locked up in a jewelry store because, ya know, you're a tourist and that's why you came to Mexico, you go through a less fortunate part of town where vacant and overgrown parcels of land are rampant. 

The City Planner in me wondered how they got to that point, while the photographer in me wondered why the van driver was driving so fast while I was trying to shoot through the window (first 3 shots). The other two shots are from downtown Playa Del Carmen (not sure if I'm cool enough to call it PDC yet) and the playa.

The Mayan Village

I had the opportunity to visit a Mayan village where they still try to live as traditionally as possible. I wasn't sure how much of it was theater.

We took part in a ceremony where they did something. I know I am being very vague (and probably disrespectful), but the tour guide was explaining it as I was taking pictures, right before he told people not to take pictures. I obliged. 

We also visited with monkeys, toucans, children, and parakeets, and Isabelle also made taco shells. 

True story!


Picture a walk in the forest where you stumble upon a big hole in the ground. This hole opens up to a large underground cave filled with ground water and catfish. The water is 18 degrees Celsius and you see stalactites hanging above your head and stalagmites protruding below your feet. 

This is where we went swimming. The cool water was a welcomed after a day of walking in the heat, and no one lost any limbs to the catfish.

National Geographic tells me that the Mayans used these cenotes to determine the right time of year to undertake their harvests. When the sunrays would shine down in the pool of water and be reflected straight up and not onto the inner walls, the Mayans new the sun was a its zenith and that it was time to harvest. This happened twice a year. 

I think...

A Form of Pick-Me-Up

Tell me something: does the sight of this landscape make you angry, mad or pissed off in light of today's spring weather? 

It's always nice and hot somewhere...

The Hut

I took many pictures of this hut at the end of a closed off pier out on the Caribbean Sea. This is number one of many. These seagulls were omnipresent and a constant danger of unwanted drops.

I took this shot with a Lensbaby Composer with Double Optics to get this "selective focus" look. It's basically a 50mm lens on a swivel ball that lets you shift the plane of focus around...pretty cool stuff.

The Ruin-er of Shots

Here we are again on that faithful morning where I had to wake up (a little bit) early and went to watch the sunrise on the beach in Mexico. I managed to get a few more lovely-cloudy-colourfully sky shots as the sun went up.

Then out came a pelican, the bird that the Mexicans tend to call "la ruinare de fotographias". True story.

Coba Day

It takes 120 steps to climb up to the top of this Mayan ruin called Coba. My lovely and brave 7 month pregnant wife was able to climb straight up to the top, and I'm sure she would have climbed even higher had the Mayans kept on going.

Sunrise Over the Caribbean Sea

My wife woke me up at 5:30am on the first day of our trip so we could go and enjoy the sunrise together on the beach. I hadn't had a great flight the night before and wasn't a huge fan of the idea, but she got me out there and there were definitely no regrets. 

The view was great, but the company was even better.

Ash and Nik's Sunny Sneak Peek

What more can you ask for than some hot Mexican sun shining on you on your wedding day? Well that's exactly what Ash and Nik got on their wedding day this week. 

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Stacy and Luke's Engagement Session

Here they are: some more images from Stacy and Luke's romp-in-the-snow-engagement-session. You may remember the sneak peek from a few weeks ago... It was cold and it was windy, but it was sunny and both Stacy and Luke turned it on for the camera. 

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